No Car In A New City: 3 Ways To Save Money On Transportation

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No Car In A New City: 3 Ways To Save Money On Transportation

So, you've just moved to a new city and you have to figure out how you'll get around until you can get a car of your own. Here's how you can save some money on transportation while you're adjusting to your new community:

Buy Passes Beforehand

Because you don't have your own vehicle yet, you'll likely be using multiple types of transportation to get around the new city you've moved to. If you plan to take the bus, a shuttle or tram, or a train to travel, it's a good idea to purchase passes before you ride if possible. Most public transportation services offer discounts on bulk passes, which can save you some money throughout each month.

You may be able to purchase a monthly bus pass that would save you a considerable amount of money as long as you're riding the bus on a regular basis. And train and shuttle passes can usually be purchased in sets depending on how many times you plan to ride during the month. You might even be able to purchase multi-ride passes that will allow you to use various types of transportation with just one prepaid pass.

Look into Taxi Memberships

There may be taxi companies in the city you've just moved to that offer a variety of membership options to those who need to travel in a cab often. Taking a taxi can be convenient when you need to get somewhere by a specific time or make last minute travel plans. Some taxi companies may offer a discount or free ride for every ten times you schedule a pickup in any given month.

Other companies might charge a membership fee and then offer discounts on every ride you take throughout the month. Once you know what your regular travel needs will be, you should be able to find a membership option that meets your specific needs and preferences.

Invest in a Foldable Bike

No matter what type of transportation you choose to use in your new city, bringing a foldable bike along with you can help you save money and keep you in shape. Throw your foldable bike in the trunk of a taxi, or secure it to the bike rack on the bus or train. You won't have to travel as far in the cab or bus, and you won't have to worry about missing your train or your taxi being late.

By utilizing the tips outlined here you should be able to travel conveniently without wasting your hard earned money. Contact a company, like Greatland Taxi And Tours Service, for more help.

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