Details For Hotel Security Staff To Notice On A Security Assessment

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Details For Hotel Security Staff To Notice On A Security Assessment

If your hotel has security officers on staff, one important duty for them to perform is patrolling the interior and exterior of the property. Doing so has a dual purpose — provided that the officer is in uniform, his or her presence can help to make guests feel safe. Additionally, the patrol can reveal certain things that could be a threat to the safety of those staying at your hotel. It's a good idea to draft up a security assessment form that your officers can reference while on patrol. Here are some details that they should be watching for.


Hotels are on private property, which means that those who aren't guests should not be present. When your security officers are on patrol, they should be constantly looking for people who are loitering. Loitering at a hotel can be a concern for many different reasons. Someone may be looking for a guest who has left his or her vehicle unlocked with high-value possessions inside, for example. In more serious instances, a human trafficker could be loitering while one of his trafficking victims is with a customer in a hotel room. By having your officers deal promptly with loitering, they'll be making the environment safer for your guests.

Functionality Of Security Devices

Your security officers should also assess the functionality of the various security devices around the hotel as they patrol the grounds. For example, they should check that internal and external security cameras are functioning, as well the lights in stairwells and the parking garage are properly illuminating the area. Officers should also check that the hotel's exterior doors lock automatically after a certain hour. In such scenarios, guests can enter these doors by swiping a room key, but those who aren't registered guests will need to enter the building through the front door.

Volume From Rooms

One issue that can affect the enjoyment of your hotel for your guests is when a resident is making a lot of noise. Generally, someone who makes a noise complaint will prompt a hotel security officer or staff member to visit the room in question and administer a warning. However, in the name of being proactive, your security guards on patrol should watch for any rooms in which the volume is too high. It could be a TV playing at a high volume, or guests speaking loudly. Whatever the case, the guard can then knock on the door to relay his or her concerns, thus addressing the issue before a guest is forced to complain.

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