Office Copier Maintenance Tips

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Office Copier Maintenance Tips

An office copier is a necessary component for any smooth running business, but it is also an investment that you want to take care of. The following tips can help you avoid damage from overuse and abnormal wear and tear.

Tip #1: Minimize access

The office copier should be accessible, but not too accessible. You don't want people using it for personal projects, nor do you want staff members that haven't been trained on copier use to accidentally cause damage. The easiest way to control access is to assign copier key codes. All modern copiers can be programmed so that jobs can only be printed if a code is entered. You can even have multiple codes so you can track usage by employee.

Tip #2: Clean daily

A clean exterior isn't just for appearances, it also ensures dust and grit doesn't get into the machine or scratch the glass. Assign a staff member end-of-day cleaning. This isn't an extensive chores. They simply need to dust the exterior with a dusting cloth – microfiber works well because it catches all the paper dust that collect on surfaces. Then, they can use glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth to clean the glass. Finally, instruct them to open each paper tray and dust it out, along with the various feed and output trays. The entire process will likely take less than 5 minutes. This is a good time to also check for any paper jams and to reload the paper trays for the following day.

Tip #3: Deep clean weekly

The weekly deep clean shouldn't take the place of daily cleaning, but should be done in conjunction with a daily cleaning regimen. For this, you will need a damp lint free cloth and a detailing brush (a soft, clean paintbrush works well). Open up the machine and wipe down all the feed rollers in the copier. This removes the toner and ink residue that collects on the rollers, as well as paper dust. Next, use the paint brush to remove any paper dust from the tight areas inside the machine. A small detailing vacuum, such as those sold for cleaning electronics, can be used instead of a paintbrush.

On top of the above tips, take advantage of a copier service. Annual inspections and maintenance visits are a proactive way to catch small problems before they destroy a copier. A repair is usually less expensive than a replacement. For more information, contact companies like MFD Business Solutions.

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