Tips On Adjusting To The Night Shift When You Work As A General Laborer

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Tips On Adjusting To The Night Shift When You Work As A General Laborer

Working as a general laborer can give you money in your pocket and a smile on your face as you sit back after a shift and think about the hard work you've just done. If you're just getting into the world of being a general laborer, there are many different positions that you may get to experience. Some entry-level laborers often find it easier to get overnight shifts, as day shifts tend to be more coveted. There are advantages to working overnight, but doing so will require a bit of an adjustment period. Here are some tips on adjusting to working night shifts.

Change Your Bedtime In Advance

You'll make adjusting to the night shift easier on yourself if you start to prepare for it a few days in advance. It's a dramatic change to go from sleeping at night to sleeping during the day, so you should gradually begin to adjust your bedtime accordingly. If you have the freedom to do so, start to stay up as late as you can, and then try to go to bed once the sun rises. Get up in the evening, and then repeat this pattern. Obviously, this can be disruptive if you have a family, but if you're single and live alone, you can start to make this adjustment.

Stay Away From Coffee

While many general laborers use coffee and other sources of caffeine to stay alert throughout their shifts, you generally should try to avoid doing so when you work the night shift. It may be tempting to have a couple coffees during your breaks throughout the night, but doing so may impede your ability to sleep when you get home in the morning — which can be a little challenging to begin with, especially at the start. If you can't sleep because of caffeine, you'll find it difficult to stay up through your subsequent night shifts. If you can adjust to this new routine without the use of stimulants, you'll be doing yourself a favor.

Eat Healthily At Night

Regardless of the nature of the work you're doing, you'll likely get a meal break and a couple breaks throughout your night shift. While eating heavy foods might be desirable to give you energy, they can also make you feel sluggish and impede your ability to excel as a general laborer. Try to focus on healthy foods that are light and packed with vitamins to help keep your body running. Additionally, stay away from refined sugars and, instead, drink lots of water to stay fresh and hydrated. The better you are overnight, the more your supervisors will notice.

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