3 Exterior Items Often Examined During A Commercial Inspection

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3 Exterior Items Often Examined During A Commercial Inspection

For some business owners, a commercial inspection is a bit of a nerve-rattling thing. In some ways, the fate of your business or how much money will have to be invested in your business property will rest on the outcome of the inspection, especially if the inspection is mandated by the local governing officials. Getting the interior of the building ready for an inspection is the typical thing to do, but there are exterior aspects to be considered as well. Take a quick look at some of the things outside of your business building that will be examined during a commercial inspection

Site Grading and Drainage 

If the site grading and drainage are not in a good way during a commercial inspection, it can be a bad thing. Poor site grading and drainage can mean your building or your commercial property, in general, is going to be more prone to flooding, which is never a good thing. For example, if you have storm drains in your parking lot but they are running over with debris and trash, this could be a problem in the eyes of the inspector. The commercial inspector will make note of anything that needs to be done to rectify the poor drainage situation. 

Pavement Systems 

Your business's parking area is an important part of your business, and it is likely one of the first parts of your property that a customer will experience. Therefore, pavement systems are most assuredly something the commercial inspector will look at during a comprehensive inspection. Your pavement in your parking area will be examined for:

  • Structural soundness
  • Safety and safety features 
  • Striping and markings 
  • Drainage 

The reason the pavement systems are inspected is that they can have a direct impact on property liability concerns. Therefore, it is important to make sure to follow-up the inspection with any necessary amendments. 


The landscape may seem unimportant in comparison to other aspects of a commercial property, but it actually does come along with a comprehensive building inspection most of the time. Several things about your landscape may be inspected, such as hardscaping pieces, irrigation systems, and even trees. If there are any issues present that could pose a threat to clients or customers, or even the general public, these things will be noted during the inspection. For example, if you have a dying tree situated near an outdoor dining area at your restaurant, this is something that could get noted in the inspection. 

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