Caring for Your Silicone Molds

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Caring for Your Silicone Molds

Silicone molds are an extremely popular option when individuals need a container that will allow them to give items a specific shape. Unfortunately, individuals may not effectively care for these molds, which can lead to them suffering major distortions or other problems that could make them unsuitable for your purposes.

Avoid Excessive Wear When Cleaning Silicone Molds

These molds will have to be regularly cleaned if you are to keep them from accumulating large amounts of residue or crumbs that could contaminate the other items that you are attempting to make with the mold. When cleaning the interior of the mold, you will need to avoid the risk of damaging the silicone with harsh cleaning substances. These substances can degrade the silicone to the point where it can crack or even start to melt. Luckily, silicone is non-porous, which will make it extremely easy for you to keep it clean using basic dish soap and warm water.

Store the Mold Where It is Safe From Being Deformed

Storing the molds can be another common source of causing damage to them. When these molds are not stored correctly, it can be possible for them to become warped. Unfortunately, if they become severely warped, it may not be possible to reverse this damage, which can force you to replace the mold completely. When storing these items, you will want to keep them on a flat surface and avoid placing other items on top of them. Even fairly light items may be able to leave dents or cause other warping to the silicone over the course of time.

Pay Attention to the Temperature Limits for the Silicone Mold

Depending on the way that you are planning to use your silicone molds, you may need to expose them to periods of intense heat. Exceeding the temperature limit of the Silicone Mold can result in the mold rapidly starting to warp and break down. Fortunately, silicone molds are highly temperature resistant, which can allow them to withstand temperatures that may reach several hundred degrees. Whenever you are needing to expose the silicone mold to heat, you will want to verify that the needed temperature is within the operating range for the silicone mold. Failing to review this information can greatly increase the risk of the mold being ruined when you place it in your oven. Once the silicone mold is removed, it will be able to cool fairly rapidly so that you will be able to handle it.

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