Security Measures To Look For When You Rent Office Space

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Security Measures To Look For When You Rent Office Space

When you look for office space rentals, one of the things that should be on your mind is security. Whether you're working alone, with a colleague, or will have a large number of employees working in the space, you want people to feel confident in their security at work. It's common for buildings that have office space for rent to have a number of different security measures in place, so don't hesitate to look for them or ask about them when you meet with a rental agent. While there are several other things that you'll need to assess, a building that has the following measures may be a good choice.

On-Site Officers

Lots of buildings have on-site security officers, and you may feel as though nothing will make you feel safer at work than personnel who are dedicated to protecting the building and its tenants. On-site security officers are responsible for a variety of tasks, including keeping unwanted individuals out of the building. In the event of an issue such as a fire alarm, security staff will help with the timely and safe evacuation of the building. The size of the building will typically dictate the size of the security team, but you may encounter one officer stationed in the lobby and a few others who patrol the building.

Controlled Access

If you don't operate the type of business in which people will visit your location daily, you may want to look for a building that controls who can access not only the building but also each of the offices inside of it. While security officers can help with controlling access, many buildings use locked doors that employees must open with a swipe card. People may need to swipe their card to enter the building, swipe it again to enter the elevator or stairwell, and then swipe it a third time to get into an office. This degree of controlled access can provide a heightened feeling of security when you're at work.


Take a look at what lighting is present around the building, as lighting is a valuable security measure in the evening. If you or your staff will be working late, you want to feel safe when you leave the building. Ample lighting around the building's exterior, in its parking lot, and in other areas can be important. You may wish to schedule a visit in the evening, provided that a rental agent can meet you at this time, as dark conditions are a good opportunity to assess the lighting.

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