Trailer-Mounted Pressure Washer—Useful Features For Driveway Cleaning

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Trailer-Mounted Pressure Washer—Useful Features For Driveway Cleaning

If you're planning to start your own driveway cleaning business, a pressure washer is an essential piece of equipment to invest in. Trailer-mounted washers offer many advantages. Here are some key features to get if you're serious about buying one.

Appropriate Trailer Size 

Since the pressure washer is on a trailer, you'll easily transport the machine to and from different job sites. Make sure you select the right trailer size because there are many options. First, consider a trailer size compatible with your vehicle and its hauling capabilities. The more it can haul, the bigger trailer you can get. Also, think about what you plan to equip on the trailer. You need a bigger trailer if you want to load it with systems to support water and cleaning solutions. 

Dependable Frame 

The foundation of a trailer-mounted pressure washer is the frame. It supports every component of the pressure washer and because of that fact, it must be durable and dependable. After all, you don't want to risk the frame breaking down when driving the trailer. 

If you go with a thick steel frame, you can feel content about the frame's ability to hold up to your pressure washing activities. A powder coat also gives it extra durability that you can depend on.

Hose Reel

You'll park the trailer-mounted pressure washer near each client's driveway, but it's still important to get as much hose length as possible so you don't limit where you can use a pressure washer. 

The best thing you can do is find a trailer-mounted pressure washer with a hose reel. You can store a long hose inside it and keep it contained until you're ready to start pressure washing. Hose reels come in many sizes, so no matter how long your pressure washer's hose is, it will fit in the reel just fine. 

Large Water Tank 

To use a pressure washer to clean dirty driveways, you need water. So that you don't have to constantly fill up on water in between each job, consider a trailer-mounted pressure washer with a large water tank. As long as it can hold hundreds of gallons, you should be able to use the pressure washer several times without making a pitstop for more water. 

Trailer-mounted pressure washers are easy to transport and offer a lot of power. If you find one you're comfortable with, you can use it to take your driveway cleaning business to the next level. 

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