3 Key Benefits Of Implementing A Fleet Management Software Upgrade

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3 Key Benefits Of Implementing A Fleet Management Software Upgrade

If you are responsible for managing your company's fleet, your decisions can impact the organization in a variety of ways. You should aim to make improvements when necessary. Sometimes decision-makers can get complacent when it seems that everything is going well. It is worth your time to consider if your fleet management solution is meeting your needs. You might be surprised to learn that you are using outdated methods that could be costing your company in terms of productivity and actual revenue. Perhaps your strategies are also missing the mark when it comes to identifying safety issues. The following points identify a few ways fleet management software and the installation of telematics modules can benefit organizations.

Eliminate or Reduce Paperwork Errors

There are many reasons that fleet managers should not solely rely on paperwork documentation. This outdated method may produce errors. It is also possible for paperwork to get misplaced or damaged. This can lead to inaccuracies that could cost a company resources or negatively impact B2B relationships. You are likely using some form of electronic documentation to stay compliant with federal laws. Think of investing in fleet management software as a means to enhance and simplify what you are already doing. It can give you a double-layer of protection with added features that go beyond the minimum requirements required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). 


This is a feature that the software can offer that will aid to ensure that drivers choose the best routes. Perhaps your company is relying on outdated GPS solutions, and each driver may be allowed to choose which service they use. This can lead to excessive mileage. Some drivers may intentionally take longer routes if they are paid by the mile. Even if a driver does not do this, taking a longer route may interfere with delivery times. Aim to make it a requirement for all drivers to use company software for when they drive. This is good for tracking purposes and can identify misuse and other issues.

Safety Alerts

The goal for fleet managers should be to successfully avoid safety threats. Fleet management software can offer alerts when it is time to get vehicles serviced. It can also be equipped to send warnings when dangerous driving situations such as wrecks or weather-related events exist. The software can also benefit managers by allowing them to see driver habits such as speeding and braking patterns.

A fleet management software company is a good resource to use to understand which features your organization needs. Choose a provider that offers options that are easy to scale and add or remove features as needed. Also, consider the ease of data retrieval and understanding analytics. A good software solution will allow users to be able to access it through a variety of methods and include modern optional features such as mobile apps.

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