Interesting Information About A Sea Burial

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Interesting Information About A Sea Burial

Grieving the death of a loved one is one of the most depressing experiences in life that cannot be avoided, as everyone must pass away at some point. Along with remembering the good times experienced with a deceased loved one, the surviving family members can plan a sentimental burial. For instance, if your deceased loved one spent a lot of time at sea because they were a fisherman or simply enjoyed the ocean, consider planning a sea burial. Many people are unaware that it is possible to bury a deceased loved one at sea, but it is a legal right in the United States. If you are interested in learning more about burying your deceased loved one at sea, keep reading.

How Can a Sea Burial Be Legally Performed?

Although a sea burial can legally be performed in the United States, there are rules to follow before doing so. For instance, for safety reasons, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates sea burials. You will have to obtain a permit from the EPA before performing a sea burial. However, the regulations do not stop at obtaining a permit from the EPA, as there might be state and local laws as well. Breaking the law at any level of government can lead to penalties that could have been avoided. Be sure to learn the sea burial laws in your specific state and city before moving forward with your deceased loved one's funeral.

What Happens During a Sea Burial?

The process of a sea burial can vary because the event can be conducted in several ways. For example, if you opt for cremating your deceased loved one's body, their ashes can be scattered at sea via an aircraft. The ashes can also be scattered by riding a boat to a specific area of the ocean to perform a ceremony. Another type of sea burial option is to have your loved one's body placed inside a casket and then lowered into the ocean. To learn the specifics of this option, speak to a sea burial representative for more information.

Will Anything Be Provided in Remembrance of a Sea Burial?

It is common for sea burial business owners to issue a certificate in remembrance of burying a deceased loved one at sea. The certificate might include information such as the coordinates where the burial took place and the name of the craft that was used during the process. You might receive other memorabilia as well, depending on which sea burial service you choose.

For more information about burials at sea, reach out to a local service.

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